Changing Your Unhealthy Snacking Habits

Snacking- it's something we all do but it's not always what we need to be doing. Snacking can contribute to weight gain, especially if you aren't snacking on the right types of food. For many overweight individuals snacking is a coping mechanism, which in turn causes them to eat more due to added weight gain. The problem with snacking isn't the actual snacking itself. The problem is what you are snacking on. Traditional snack foods, such as potato chips, soda, candy, cookies, and crackers are loaded with fat, sugar and preservatives. These types of foods are filled with empty calories, which turn into excess fat in the body. Unfortunately we all crave specific fattening or sugary foods at some point in our lives and eating these types of foods sparingly won't kill us, however when you continually eat them on a daily basis they can do damage to the body. Changing what you snack on cannot only stop added weight gain; it can help you lose weight. Eating healthy food can be tasty and satisfying which will fill up your stomach faster, making you feel fuller for longer.

Snacking is essential for proper growth, nutrition and calorie intake. However , unhealthy snacking can be a problem. When you go for a snack do you stop and ask yourself if you are hungry? Do you take a look at the options you have to snack on? Do you measure out your snack before starting to eat? Or do you just decide on having a snack, choosing what looks good or whatever your craving or what's available and start eating it until your full or there's nothing left. These types of actions can lead to malnutrition and obesity.

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